In the way of films, asetikbird films has produced two documentaries.

The first documentary “Beggars of Lahore” (2010), is a film that explores the begging phenomenon in the second city of Lahore, Pakistan. Produced, directed and edited by Sheba Saeed, the documentary aims to humanise the issue of begging through highlighting complexities of the phenomenon using Lahore as a case study. The second documentary, "Begging in Sweden" (2016), seeks answers to why there is an increasing amount of people largely of Roma origin begging in the country and whether there are any solutions.

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Beggars of Lahore


Begging is a worldwide phenomenon. The age old proverb, beggars can’t be choosers, is clear about beggars not having a choice but is that really true of today’s begging population in Lahore, Pakistan. “Beggars of Lahore” is a journey into the streets of Lahore, Pakistan’s second largest city and cultural hub to discover what compels the beggars to beg and what measures have been placed by the government and non governmental organisations to assist the beggars.

The documentary examines the political, social, religious, economic reasons for begging as well as the growth of the beggars’ mafia including case studies of beggars and interviews with cricketer/politician Imran Khan, advocate/human rights activist Hina Jilani, Chief Minister of Punjab Chaudhry Parvez Elahi amongst many others from both the public and private sphere as well as the general public.

The film is dedicated to the "Beggars of Lahore" (2010) and the memory of the director's Father.

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Begging in Sweden


"Begging in Sweden" (2016) explores the recent influx of migration from EU members of Roma origin who are finding themselves begging on Swedish streets. Shot during Spring 2015, "Begging in Sweden" (2016) explores the complexities of this transnational livelihood migration which is met with challenges for both those who are in a vulnerable position begging on the streets and Swedish society itself for whom this is a new phenomenon. the film asks both academics and actors from civil society providing assistance to those that are begging, why this phenomenon has arisen. It documents actions of those involved as well as what legal measures are in place for this new community and how this has lead to to a national debate dividing the country.

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